Information About MCGN & Mizoram


The Mizo Christian Global Network was founded with the basic aim of fostering a more dignified, integrated human and Christian development. It focuses on empowering the people through programs of social awareness; conscientiousness; education; and spiritual, moral, and material support in Mizoram and its surrounding region, particularly for sustained economic fulfillment, which is the most urgent need of the area. Development can be approached through direct assistance programs or facilitating implementation of projects with the help of other individuals or organizations.

The Mizo Christian Global Network is modeled upon the incarnation and redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ, our Master, in serving the physical and spiritual needs of the people. Hence, as a basis, it strives towards:

  • socio-economic self-reliance;
  • promotion of the people's dignity and creative potentials, and improved living condition.
  • redemption from perpetual deprivation, dependency, corruption, and increasing social and moral decadence
  • Becoming contributor, not beggar, to the larger welfare of the nation and humanity.



Mizoram is located in Northeast India and is bordered by Myanmar (formerly, Burma); Bangladesh; and Tripura, Assam, and Manipur states of India. The hilly land has a pleasant tropical climate, with a great potential for significant all-round development.

Mizos are the people who predominantly inhabits Mizoram; in some degree other neighboring Indian states of Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya and Assam; and the surrounding border areas of Myanmar and Bangladesh. The state of Mizoram derives its name from the Mizo people.

Mizoram is strategically located to reach non-Christians in the 10/40 window countries of south and southeast Asia. These countries have very low Christian populations even though western missionaries have been working there for centuries. Mizoram can be a center of future mission operations, especially for the 10/40 window countries. Moreover, the neighboring states of Tripura, Assam, and Manipur, and the surrounding areas with low Christian population also could possibly be reached directly from Mizoram. The developmental projects could also be extended to these areas.



Mizoram has a predominantly Christian population. It has achieved the second highest literacy rate in India (about 95 percent) which can effectively be utilized for developing basic and high-tech industries that are environmentally friendly.

The land is suitable for various industries, such as agriculture, textile, horticulture, sericulture, forestry, hydro-power, etc. Having such resources, it has a great potential for economic development and the people can be transformed into a truly dynamic and productive society.

Presently, people in Mizoram and its surrounding region are totally dependent upon the government. The only employer is the government which can absorb only a limited number of people and thus many educated people are unemployed.

The public lack adequate basic human necessities of: food; clean water; health care facilities; infrastructures of roads, electricity and telecommunication; institutes of higher learning; and the like. Clearly, the establishment of a stable economic infrastructure is one of the most vital and urgent means to alleviate the unacceptable condition of poverty and of meeting the basic needs of the people.

The Mizo Christian Global Network firmly believes in the philosophy of teaching and supporting people how to be self-supporting and productive. Liberating the people from the bondage of total dependency on any is possible with training and introduction of a well-planned business investment. Hard-working and developing of resources are ways to become a self-reliant society which is also the Christian way of life.

Integration of spiritual and economic development is the concern of the Mizo Christian Global Network. In this way, Mizoram can be a source of peace and stability in the region.

With these aims in view, Mizo Christian Global Network invites not only the Mizo Christians all over the world, but also others to come forward and participate, each as the Lord guides.