November 2006 - March 2007 Mission Trip Report

First Part

Nov 30: Departed San Francisco International Airport, USA by British Airways. Our daughter, Lisa took us to the airport.

United Kingdom
Dec 1: Arrived at Heathgrow in London, UK. Stayed at Operation Mobilization's Manna House for three days. Participated in the morning devotion with OM staff and attended Sunday service at a local church.

Dec 4-5: Stayed with Rev. Lallawmzuala & Dr. Ruth and were invited to dinner by Mr. & Mrs. Alwyn Roberts in Wales. The Roberts are the founders of the first Mizo college in Aizawl in the 1960's. We had a blessed time in Wales!

Dec 6-7: Stayed with Naomi Gray in Oxford. We met Naomi's sister and Miss Hanna from Germany. Hanna was a missionary in the Philippines. We had a wonderful sharing time. Naomi is a generous host and a dedicated mission mobilizer in UK.

Dec 8-9: Stayed with Paul and Nancy Silverman in Cambridge; Nancy is Mizo. We met a Mizo physician and his family. Paul took Liana to visit Cambridge University and town.

Dec 10-13: Attended Perspectives Global Huddle at Wycliffe Center. A great time of learning and sharing about mission activities with Perspectives and related study users. We will write more on this huddle later.

Dec 14: Left London, UK for India by British Airways. The flight was delayed for six hours. From the airport, we called family in USA and India to alert them of our situation.

In thlen ve leh Thawhtan zanah Liana’n Missions class lain Reno, Nevada-ah May tawp thleng an kal leh a. Mission Sunday Sikul class a zirtir reng bawk a. August tir-a Vancouver, Canada-a 13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering-ah Liana’n a thilziak entir tura sawm a nih vangin an kal leh a. Hetih lai tak hian Vancouver vel-a Punjabi kohhran hotute’n Missions khawmpui an koh, South Asian Global Convention ah an va tel ve bawk a, India mite’n hetianga hmala an hmuh chuan a ti phur hle. Kan awmna leh chhehvel tan Perspectives on World Christian Movement class nei ve turin Liana, Pi Joyce Burril leh mi tlemin an thawk leh a. Tunah engkim peih felin Jan. 2005 ah kan kohhran-a awm turin thusawitu missionary 15 te sawm an ni a, class an tan ang.

Dec 15: Arrived at Kolkata, IN and were greeted by our nephew and niece, Joseph and Romawii. They immediately directed us to our flight to Aizawl, Mizoram. All flights from Kolkata to Aizawl were cancelled for the previous three days and so Kolkata airport was unusually crowded. We were grateful to get seats for our connecting flight to Aizawl. Thank God, your prayers for us have been answered!

Dec 18: Participated in a seminar by the Zawlbuk Group on reforming systems in Mizoram. It was videotaped by the local Zonet cable station. Zonet stated it was one of the best seminars held in Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram state

Dec 22: Traveled to Thingsai, Ngeni's childhood village, for Christmas with relatives.

Dec 24: Liana presented Perspectives outline at the local Church of Faith at both Sunday morning and evening services.

Dec 25: Spoke at the Christmas morning special service at the local Baptist church.

Dec 26: Spoke again at another special morning service at the same Baptist church.

Dec 27: Traveled to Hnahthial village but were delayed at Khawhri village due to road problems. Khawhri villagers, both young and old, warmly welcomed us and we shared Perspectives to them. Late afternoon, we proceeded to Hnahthial village where we shared Perspectives outline in the evening.

Dec 28: At night, more people came to our place to hear more on Perspectives.

Dec 29: Traveled to Sangau village where we had a family reunion and enjoyed a feast prepared for us. Late afternoon, a formal public welcome by members of the Village Council and the local chapter of the Young Lai Association was held at the Tourist Lodge. They organized a public meeting to interview us and we shared the purpose of our visit - to promote Perspectives. They provided a feast in the evening.

Dec 30: Traveled to Vawmbuk, Liana's childhood village. Liana's cousin, Suiawia joined us from Lawngtlai village to take care of our needs.

Dec 31: Liana presented Perspectives outline at a local church at Sunday morning service.

Jan 1 (New Year's Day): Both of us spoke at the special service of a local church. Some were truly convicted by the need to bring the Gospel to the 10,000+ unreached peoples.

Jan 2: Traveled to Bualpui (Ng) village, the birthplace of Liana. In the evening, we spoke at a local church's fellowship to worship and feast in continued celebration of New Year. We stayed overnight at the request of Liana's uncle, Tialupa.

Jan 3: Liana's uncle prepared a feast in our honor. We shared Perspectives to the many invited guests. In the afternoon, we proceeded to Saiha town.

Jan 4: We were able to check our emails after a long time at the Community Information Center (CIC) of the Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC). The speed of internet connection was very slow but we were grateful to be able to access and copy our emails to read later. We then called our daughter, Lisa to write to friends on our behalf as we were not able to respond using their system.

Jan 5: Visited the District Jail. A number of inmates responded to Ngeni's invitation to accept Jesus Christ. In the evening, we were given a dinner by the leaders of the MADC at Circuit House. We shared Perspectives outline to them. After this, the church leaders came to discuss our agenda. We were glad to share Perspectives to them as well.

Jan 7: Spoke at Sunday morning service of the local Lairam Baptist (LIKBK) church and Sunday evening service at the local Evangelical Church of Maraland (ECM) church. We had a good time of sharing Perspectives at both services.

Jan 8: Due to health problems, we cancelled our planned visit to Serkawr, the settlement of the English Pioneer Missionaries to Maraland. [The English missionaries did not return home but remained here till death, witnessing and planting churches. Their only daughter married a native and the couple served the Lord. The centenary of the Gospel in Maraland will be Sep 2007 and communities plan to celebrate in early Oct 2007.]Traveled to Lawngtlai and Liana began to take medicines for coughing.

Jan 10: Drove along the National Highway 54, not far from Lawngtlai town, to explore potential sites for our dream "Center." This will be for hosting leadership training classes and seminars for various organizations. The purpose is to develop and encourage the people primarily for Christian missions in the region. This Center has been our dream and vision for a long time. We found an excellent site between Lawngtlai and Thingkah village. The leader of the Lai Autonomous District Council (LADC) also offered us a good-sized property, about 10 km south of Lawngtlai on NH 54. We pray that the Lord will provide what is needed to make this a reality.

Jan 11: In the evening, we spoke at the special "Missionary Day" service of the local Lairam Baptist church in Lawngtlai town.

Jan 12: Invited to dinner by the local pastor and area representative for the Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM) church, Rev. Lalthangliana; Thanga, his wife is our relative. Other church leaders also joined us and we shared Perspectives outline to them.

Jan 14: Spoke at the Sunday morning service of another local Lairam Baptist church in Lawngtlai. It was one of Liana's best presentations on Perspectives. We thank God that some were truly touched by the need to translate the Bible in 2500+ languages.

Jan 15: Due to continuing health problems and ongoing road construction, we cancelled our planned visit to Chawngte, the headquarters of the Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC). This city is at the India/Bangladesh border and the people are predominately Buddhist. We proceeded to Zohnuai village to stay with Ngeni's cousin, nurse Lamthluaii. Ngeni also starts to take medicines for coughing.

Jan 16: Showed "Global Purpose," a Perspectives promotional video, to several visitors.

Jan 17: Visited the oldest living Mizo pastor, Rev. Dr. HrahSel Sawiluaia (100 years) at Serkawn. After hearing his testimony and encouraging words, he prayed for us. We are really grateful that we can visit him again and receive words of wisdom.

Jan 19: Moved to Lunglei town to stay with Ngeni's brother, Pastor Darchhuma. Liana was interviewed by El Dorado cable station and All India Radio (AIR) FM station. He shared Perspectives and responded to questions on other topics as well.

Jan 20: Discussed Perspectives and current issues of Mizoram with Zawlbuk Group members and other visitors.

Jan 21: Presented Perspectives at Sunday morning service of the local Church of Faith in Lunglei. We visited the District Jail of Lunglei in the afternoon; response was good.

Jan 22: Liana was interviewed by Mizoram Journalist Association (MJA) of Lunglei at midday, and by JB cable station in the evening. Our relative, Nghakliana provided transportation for the day.

Jan 23: Traveled to Aizawl via Hnahthial and Serchhip villages.

Jan 24: Connected with Frank Dietz, Minister-at-large of Operation Mobilization, now visiting south India with his wife, Anneli. Frank and Anneli were not able to visit Mizoram at this time because of airline problems. Still, we thank Evangelist R. Vanlalzauva and team for all their efforts in planning. We are sorry for this unfortunate situation but Frank is committed to encourage and develop mission operations in the region. He encouraged us to pray! We also had a long visit by Rev. Lalsangliana of Lairam Baptist church and his wife, and heard about their mission work in Aizawl.

Jan 25: Visited by Evangelist R. Zauva and his son, Lalramchuanzela (Zela). We heard of what the Lord has been doing through their ministry, Mission Foundation Movement. Zela is a graduate of Patkai Bible College in Dimapur, Nagaland. We requested him to contact the principal of the college so we can share Perspectives outline. We will be presenting Perspectives to Mission Foundation Movement on Jan 31.

To date, we have presented the outline of Perspectives over 25 times, including interviews by two cable television stations and one radio station. We know that people are deeply touched by the fact that (1) thousands of unreached peoples have never had a chance to hear the Gospel and that (2) Bible translation for thousands of languages have not been started. What will your response be in light of God's mission?

Second Part

This is the second report of the Nov 2006-March 2007 trip; the first one was sent out by our daughter, Lisa on Feb 1, 2007.

Frank and Anelli Dietz had to cancel their trip to Mizoram due to British Airways labor problems, and thus were not able to fulfill ministering to Mizoram. Our program to visit Shillong, Meghalaya and Dimapur, Nagaland changed as a result of the death of Ngeni’s brother in a car accident. Due to the cultural tradition of mourning and other acts, we were not able to do anything for our mission work for more than two weeks, severely impacting retranslation work of the Purpose Driven Life into Mizo. We informed Bible College principal of Dimapur and our contact person in Shillong of our situation. We hope to be able to visit them in our next trip.

Liana was scheduled to be interviewed by Zonet cable television station on the same day of the accident and had to reschdedule.

Ngeni visited both men and women sections of Central Jail, Aizawl with jail ministry team started by MCGN. This is the third year of ministry, fully approved by officials.

We presented Perspectives outline at Sunday services and gatherings of churches in Aizawl, belonging to 4 denominations on Jan 27, Feb 4, 11, & Mar 03. The presentation was under one hour and followed by discussion with church members for an hour or more at a home setting. Here, people asked questions for clarification and exchanged ideas. We did not have time for a follow-up but were told that several people wanted even more actions. Such responses are most encouraging. It is worthy to note that they like to have Perspectives prepared for use during the month of September when Mizo churches have special study on some topics. We also had several presentations to small groups and visitors in Aizawl for 20+ times.

Invitation from two of the churches are special; one by Liana’s high school class mate, Rochhunga who is an elder of the church, and the other by Pastor Laltlawmlova, Ngeni’s colleague when she was with the Baptist Church of Mizoram. The attendance of the churches were really good, and we hope to visit them again.

Of the two television interviews, the first one was on Feb 12 by Zonet Cable TV at their studio. It was conducted by Biakthansanga. The style was rather dynamic and the interview covered most of the topics on Perspectives in an informal way. It was broadcasted at a later date and most of the people in Mizoram saw this interview.

The second television interview in Aizawl was on Feb 21 by LPS Cable TV at our place, and interviewed by Ms. Mali. We covered the same topics but in more detail. After the interview, they came back for a few more questions. Again, most people in Mizoram saw this interview.

We spent the last day of 2006 with Mission Foundation Movement presenting Perspectives and show the promotional video by multi-media projector. There were about 35 young men and women who are preparing to be missionaries. The founder of the Movement, R. Vanlalzauva was sponsored by Mizo Christian Global Network for Mizo Leadership Training in California, and he thanked the training for expansion of his ministry. This Movement is one of the groups who send missionaries without support from denominational churches.

On Feb 7, we were given an opportunity to present Perspectives in English to students and staff of the Aizawl Theological College (ATC), the largest Bible college in Mizoram. We spent the whole afternoon. We received excellent co-operation in running multi-media projector, and the largest room of the college was used for this event. There must have been 200+ students, some of them are from out of state. We received good questions for clarification. From the nature of their questions, it is obvious that they are already experienced in church leadership and traditional mission work. As the Principal was out of town for business, we were hosted by the Vice-Principal and Registrar of the College, plus faculty members. It is amazing to realize that they have had little or no exposure to missiological studies.

On Feb 13, we presented to another institute, called Missionary Training Centre (MTC) with about 100+ students, some of them were in mission fields for a number of years. We were given about 3 hours and had good interaction with students as well as their teachers. A couple of teachers were aware of Perspectives course and their questions were very thoughtful. They were so grateful for the information and requested us a copy of the Reader and Study Guide for their reference.

On Feb 20, we spent the whole day presenting Perspectives at the Academy of Integrated Christian Studies (AICS), another Bible college. The principal, Rev. Dr. K. Thanzauva is interested to use Perspectives materials for their Master of Divinity program. Probably, this is the most intensive presentation we had in Mizoram. Several students are from out of state, and some are already experienced workers. Most of them already were college graduates, thus the lecture was in English. The principal was elected to lead Baptist Church of Mizoram and so college work will be continued by his wife, Dr. Hnuni as the next Principal. Before lunch, the meeting was summarized by a faculty member and questions were asked for our clarification. Afternoon session was done the same way, concluded by a request to share our personal history. It was a good occasion to tell them how Perspectives class emboldened and encouraged us to a newer height.

The most circulated Mizo magazine, Lelte interviewed Liana on Feb 26, and he was their cover story. In addition to Perspectives and related questions, Liana was asked about his profession and whether he wanted to help Mizoram and if he is willing to do so if asked. To Liana, to use his expertise is another way of serving the Lord, be it in Mizoram or other places in the world.

At Kolkata (Calcutta), we were given opportunity on Mar 11, Sunday morning by the Mizo prayer meeting for 30 minutes and in the evening by Mizo students and professionals for 2 hours. It was attended by more than 100 young men and women. The presentation was done in the form of interview by the chairman of the meeting, and later Liana was requested to share his personal history and professional work. It was a good opportunity to share with them of our passion for global missions. We used every opportunity for promoting missions.

On the eve of our departure from Aizawl, we also requested Thangi, the wife of Ngeni’s deceased brother, Denga if she will be willing to take care of MCGN’s finance, including administering JF Scholarship program. She agreed to continue what had been done by her late husband, for which we are truly thankful.

We also got the help of Ms. Ammie to recheck Purpose Driven Life in Mizo. She read the English version three times and liked it very much for the Mizo people. We are thankful for her willingness to help, and may even translate another book for MCGN.

An official with Disaster Management, Dr. Lalrokima Chenkual also visited us to ask information on earthquakes. Liana shared with him and we were given most recent publications on his work for our reference.

We also arranged a permanent address for MCGN in Mizoram at the place that is ours, at Third Floor, House No A-39; Model School Road; Model Veng (Mission Veng, Model School Road); Aizawl, Mizoram PIN 796 005. Here, we stored copies of electronic-Bible and Sensei.

In summary, we were given opportunities to present Perspectives spirit and outline. We believe that some were impacted by the need for Bible translation in many languages, and to reach thousands of unreached people groups with the Gospel. We need to prepare for the next visit with Perspectives classes in Aizawl. We hope that it will be possible to visit the states of Meghalaya and Nagaland. We will need a lot of prayers and support to continue mobilizing Christians in NE India for global missions. There is also an opportunity to support missionary work in Bangladesh, at $100 per month. If we can not go there, we can partner with them by supporting the work from wherever we are.

May the name of the Lord be proclaimed and glorified among all the nations!

A Decade of MCGN (1996-2006)

This is the 10th year of Mizo Christian Global Network (MCGN). God has done wonderful things exceeding the Network's expectations. Because of God's faithfulness and protection, many difficulties have been overcome and MCGN's ministry continues. Praise the Lord!

MCGN's founder and president, Dr. Lalliana (Liana) Mualchin came to the USA as a Ph.D. student in 1967. As a student, he supported churches in southern Mizoram and Bible students in India. Those students are now church leaders. His wife, Zangeni (Ngeni) Mualchin was among the first Mizo women to graduate from Bible College in 1975. She became responsible for Women's and Sunday School ministries for the Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM). From childhood, she has always wanted to be a missionary.

After they were married, they continued to help churches in Mizoram and pastors in Bible school. They gave their life-savings to purchase a printing press for a new church organization. They also sent literature to churches in India. Their greatest passion is missions, bringing the Gospel to the unreached peoples. Ngeni is also involved in jail ministries in the USA, Mizoram and Burma; through which many have come to know the Lord. They are active in promoting and teaching missions in their community.

Liana has always wanted to take Bible college classes. He attended and completed a Master in missiology at Simpson Bible College (now Simpson University) while working full-time. Simpson University was named after the founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, A. B. Simpson who was passionate about missions. In class, Liana shared his concerns of Mizoram. His teachers and pastor classmates suggested that he form a group of Mizo people to address the concerns. As a result, he spoke with Mizos in the Maryland and Washington, DC area. They thought it was a great idea and so MCGN was born on June 6, 1996.

Over the years, MCGN has been contacted from all the continents, except Africa, by Mizo people living in Thailand, Japan, Nepal, Burma, Singapore, Australia, and Europe. In India, we have been contacted from Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong, Manipur, and Mizoram. Continued connection requires commitment by volunteers, and we pray this will happen as God speaks through the hearts of people. Regardless, we are thankful for the opportunities to be in global service.

We thank all those who supported and encouraged MCGN from its start. God will remember what good they have done. MCGN desires to bring the Gospel to the unreached peoples through Mizo Christians. This is done by mobilizing the Mizo Christians using various strategies. To share the Gospel is the purpose to live and to be obedient to God. When people accept and worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, it brings glory to God!


Many dear people who supported MCGN have gone to be with the Lord.
They will always be rememebered. Their names and year of passing are noted below in chronological order.

Dr. Peter Allinger, communications expert and MCGN supporter (2000)
Mr. Rina Sailo, first Mizoram-MCGN Executive Director (2001)
Mrs. Betty Hogan, generous donor to the scholarship fund (2002)
Miss. Juliet Elizabeth Florio, scholarship created in her memory (2004)
Dr. K. Khuangliana, first chairman of MCGN-Mizoram (2004)
Mrs. Marilynn Elizabeth "Sue" Manning, friend and supporter of MCGN (2006)
Dr. K. Neil Foster, conducted leadership training twice in Mizoram (2006)
Mr. Lalmama Sailo, first treasurer of MCGN (2006)
Mr. Robert Gordon, Liana's adviser who would have rejoiced in MCGN ministry (1995)

Liana & Ngeni Mualchin want to thank Bob (late) & Mildred Gordon of Pleasant Hill, California; Art & Marian Hanna, Jim & Ruth Willson and Jim & Linda Owens of Placerville, California, for their prayer support before the conception and start of MCGN. Because MCGN Headquarters has only one Mizo family, it needs the help of American friends. Official regulations require at least three board members for operating a non-profit organization. Thus, our good friends - Marian Hanna, Jeff Mead, and Patricia Macy joined the MCGN Board. Thanks to them for standing with MCGN for its continued operation. We pray that God will bring more workers!

Jeff created the MCGN web-site which has been in continued use till today. After Jeff moved to the east coast, Ed Morales provided IT support. As treasurer, Marian has done her job faithfully. Patricia has edited papers, supported a Mizo missionary, and hosted some Mizos and provided lunch for all participants during the Mizo Leadership Training (MLT) in 2001. Monica Thorpe invited the MLT participants for a German Chrismas tea. The MLT was sponsored by MCGN and Pastor Bruce Moore of Liberty Christian Center (LCC), Fairfield, California. LCC's members hosted four MLT participants for one week and provided valuable learning experiences with American families. Nancy Egloff volunteered tax advice. Jackie Rasmussen created a template for official receipts and prepared an MCGN promotional bookmark.

Bill Thorpe introduced Liana to a professor of the Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, California. This introduction led to a relationship with the Institute. In 1999, Liana led a 20-person research team from the Institute to study and find ways to develop Mizoram. One result of this trip was the formation of a virtual center, the Mizoram Action Research Center (MARC). The Mizoram government supported the team in various ways, including creating a new Nodal Officer to oversee the MARC. The assistance of the Mizoram leadership will always be remembered. One team member just completed (2006) her Ph.D. using data from her research in Mizoram.

MCGN was granted a copyright to translate a book about a missionary to Japan, "Sensei" by the late Russel Hitt. Translation rights were granted by a retired pastor, David Hitt, son of the author. It was translated by a hushand-wife team, Mrs. Nongheli (Novi) and Mr. Kharmawia (Khara), both are teachers at Christian High School, Serkawn. The book was selected among the three best translated books of the year (2002) in Mizoram in its first printing.

When the Mualchins attended Park Community Church (PCC) in Shingle Springs, California, the church contributed monthly support for MCGN. There, Jerry Kaehle donated a tape duplicator. The Muachins' current church, Church of the Foothills (COTF), Cameron Park contributed money for Bible distribution and Mualchins' 2004 trip to Musekee, Thailand. First Baptist Church, Pollock Pines, California invited Liana to share about MCGN ministry before the Thailand trip. The encouragement and support by these churches are deeply appreciated.

Following problems faced by MCGN-Mizoram, its operation was continued by a Christian Research Center founder, Dr. P.C. Biaksiama and an NGO-worker, Ms. Sangpari Mualchin. They recovered the MCGN-Mizoram registration paper, a difficult task and an important achievement. Pastor Lalsangliana, Lairam Isua Krista Baptist Church also helped MCGN-Mizoram as requested.

Besides the people mentioned above, several friends and family members of Liana & Ngeni Mualchin and Mizoram church leaders helped MCGN without any leadership ambition. There are many supporters of MCGN that are not mentioned here but we thank and praise God for these many people!

The Mualchins take care of the operating expenses. All donations (100%) go for the projects. Unlike most Christian and non-profit organizations, MCGN does not do fund-raising but finance is based on faith and contributions by supporters. MCGN is working with zero-budget and mostly by volunteers.


  • Life members, all in USA, are listed below in alphabetical order.
  • Mr. Lalchungnunga Bawitlung
  • Ms. Phyllis Campbell
  • Ms. Juliet Florio (late)
  • Ms. Mildred Gordon
  • Ms. Marian Hanna
  • Mr. Lalhruaia
  • Ms. Patricia Macy
  • Ms. Jackie Rasmussen
  • Mr. Benedict Shing Mang
  • Dr. Lalliana (Liana) Mualchin
  • Ms. Zangeni (Ngeni) Mualchin
  • Ms. Lisa Rinsangi Mualchin
  • Mr. Timothy Rinawma Mualchin
  • MCGN KUM 10-NA, 2006

    Mizo Christian Global Network (MCGN) kum sawm (10)-na a thleng ta. Tum leh beisei aia nasa thiltih lawmawm tak tak awm te hi Lalpa thiltih ropui tak a ni. Pathian rinawmna leh venin harsatna tamtak kaltlangin MCGN rawngbawlna a kal zel a; Pathian chu fakin awm rawh se!

    MCGN hmuchhuaktu leh President, Dr. Lalliana (Liana) Mualchin hi USA ah Ph.D. zir tura 1967-a a kal atangin, Mizoram chhimlam kohhrante a tanpui thin a. Pastor Bible zir a chawm a. A nupui, Pi Zangeni (Ngeni) hi chhimlam Mizo hmeichhe zinga Bible College kal hmasa a ni a; Zoram Baptist kohhran-a rawngbawlna chelh tawh leh missionary ni duh fo a ni a, Jail Ministry ah pawh USA, Mizoram leh Burma ah a in hmang thin. An inneih hnu hian Zoram kohhran theih tawkin an pui zel a; pastor Bible zir chawm in, lehkhabute kohhran tan an thawn a, kohhran tan lehkha chhutna khawl (Printing Press) an lei sak bawk. An duh ber chu missions a ni a, a bik takin Chanchin Tha la hre lo hnam (Unreached Peoples) te hnena a theih ang apianga Chhandamna Thu puan a ni. An awmna USA ah pawh Missions lam zirtirna leh thiltih ah anin hmang reng.

    Liana hian Pathian Thu zir a chak thin a, tichuan a hun awlah Simpson College-ah Pathian Thu a zir laiin Zoram a vei thute an pawlah a sawi thin. He College hi missions vanga kohhran lo indin, Christian & Missionary Alliance te siam a ni. An hotu leh a zirpui (Pastor) te chuan mahni chauh a thiltih a harsa a, USA-a Mizo awmte nen pawl siam a tha ang tiin an rawn a. Tichuan, Maryland leh Washington DC vela awm Mizo ho a be ta a, an ni pawh chuan tha an lo ti a; MCGN hi June 6, 1996-ah a lo piang ta a ni.

    A tir atanga MCGN vision phurpuitu leh rinawm taka lo thawktu zawng zawng te hnenah lawmthu awm rawh se. An thil tha tihte Lalpa-ah a thlawn ngai lo. MCGN chuan Chanchin Tha la hre lo hnamte'n an lo hriat theih nan thawk turin hmalam pan zel a tum. Midangte nen Lalpa buhseng turin thurual taka thawh tlan a duh em em a ni. Hei hi Pathian ropuina, kan tihtur leh dam chhan ropui ber ah a ring.


    MCGN duhsak leh tanpui tu duhawm tak tak, he khawvel chhuahsan tawh an awm nual a.
    An hming leh a kum te nen hriat reng a chhinchhiah a ni.

    Dr. Peter Allinger, communications expert and MCGN supporter (2000)
    Mr. Rina Sailo, first Mizoram-MCGN Executive Director (2001)
    Mrs. Betty Hogan, generous donor to the scholarship fund (2002)
    Miss. Juliet Elizabeth Florio, scholarship created in her memory (2004)
    Dr. K. Khuangliana, first chairman of MCGN-Mizoram (2004)
    Mrs. Marilynn Elizabeth "Sue" Manning, friend and supporter of MCGN (2006)
    Dr. K. Neil Foster, conducted leadership training twice in Mizoram (2006)
    Mr. Lalmama Sailo, first treasurer of MCGN (2006)
    Mr. Robert Gordon, Liana's adviser who would have rejoiced in MCGN ministry (1995)

    MCGN Headquarters-ah Mizo chhungkua pakhat chauh an awm vangin, American thiante tanpuina an mamawh a. Tin, USA-ah dan anga pawl siam leh ding zel turin mi pathum (3) tal Board atan a ngai bawk a. Thian tha Pi Marian Hanna-i, Pu Jeff Mead-a leh Pi Patricia Macy-i te'n an tihpui. A tul angin Pathianin mite a rawn hruai thin.

    Pu Jeff-a chuan MCGN web-side a siam a, vawiin thleng hian chu chu hman a ni. Jeff-a kal hnuin Ed Morales-a'n technology lamah a pui. Pi Marian-i pawisa enkawltu a ni a, rinawm takin a kawl. Pi Patricia-i'n thil ziak endik a pui a, Mizo missionary pawh sumin a tanpui a, Mizo Leadership Training (MLT) laiin Mizo mikhualtu leh chawchhun hlimtaka tumtu a ni. Pi Nancy Egloff in chhiah (tax) pek chungchang thurawn tangkai tak a pe.

    Liana-te thenawm, Pu Bill Thorpe-a duhsakna vangin Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara hotute nen inhriatna a awm a. 1999-ah an Research Team chu Mizoram chanchin zir leh tanpui theih dan tur zawngin Liana'n a hruai a, chumi atang chuan Mizoram Action Research Center (MARC) a lo piang a. Mizoram Sorkar pawhin nasa takin a hlutsakin a tanpui a, Nodal Officer lai an thiltih enkawl turin a ruat a ni. Mizoram sorkar hotute tan lakna duhawm tak hi hriatreng tlak a ni.

    Missionary Thawnthu "Sensei" chu Pi Nongheli (Novi) leh Pu Kharmawia (Khara) te nupa, Serkawn High Sikul zirtirtu te'n Mizo tawngin an letling a. A chhut hmasak kum (2002) chuan Mizorama lehkhabu lehlin tha ber zingah thlan a ni. Lehlin phalna hi Sensei ziaktu fapa, Pastor David Hitt-a'n MCGN hnenah lawm takin a pe.

    Park Community Church, Shingle Springs-a Liana-te an kal laiin, thla tin tanpuina MCGN kohhran-in a pe. Tuna an kohhran, Church of the Foothills, Cameron Park hian Bible leina leh 2004-a Thailand zin dawna senso tanpui nan an pe bawk. First Baptist Church, Pollock Pine in MCGN rawngbawlna sawina hun an pe a. Heng kohhrante hriatpuina leh tanpuina hi a lawmawm hle.

    Mizoram-MCGN buaina awm hnuah, Christian Research Center siamtu, Dr. P.C. Biaksiama leh NGO lama rawngbawl thin, Miss Sangpari Mualchin te chuan an enkawl a. Mizoram-MCGN sorkar hnena registration lehkha pawimawh te la chhuakin, tihtur hrang hrang tlawmngai takin an thawk. Lairam Isua Krista Baptist Kohhran Pastor, Rev. Lalsangliana'n a lo tanpui bawk thin.

    Heng bakah hian, Liana leh Ngeni thian leh chhung te, kohhran hotu thahnemngai te, leh ram hruaitu te'n, hotu dinhmun beisei lova tanpuitute an awm a; hetah hian an hming sawi vek a ni lova. An hnenah lawmthu awm sela, Pathianin malsawm rawh se!

    The Mualchins take care of the operating expenses. All donations (100%) go for the projects. Unlike most Christian and non-profit organizations, MCGN does not do fund-raising but finance is based on faith and contributions by supporters. MCGN is working with zero-budget and mostly by volunteers.


  • Life members, all in USA, are listed below in alphabetical order.
  • Mr. Lalchungnunga Bawitlung
  • Ms. Phyllis Campbell
  • Ms. Juliet Florio (late)
  • Ms. Mildred Gordon
  • Ms. Marian Hanna
  • Mr. Lalhruaia
  • Ms. Patricia Macy
  • Ms. Jackie Rasmussen
  • Mr. Benedict Shing Mang
  • Dr. Lalliana (Liana) Mualchin
  • Ms. Zangeni (Ngeni) Mualchin
  • Ms. Lisa Rinsangi Mualchin
  • Mr. Timothy Rinawma Mualchin

    Below are projects accomplished by MCGN as previously posted in our Newsletters.

    1996. Liana founded and registered MCGN. Pastor Joe Kong, now with Christian & Missionary Alliance Headquarters, Colorado Springs provided Liana with by-laws of his Christian organization as a starting model. Tom Rutherford, currently a missionary with his family in Japan, also helped during the registration process.

    1997. Mizoram welcomes the news of MCGN at a public meeting and interested people immediately and enthusiastically registered it as a non-governmental organization (NGO). They nominated and selected their own leadership and office.

    1998. J. P. Ferarro and Liana went to Mizoram to video-film the life and scenes of Mizoram for missions purpose. Laldailova Pachuan & Sons (LPS) provided technical and other assistance.

    1999. Liana took Stuart Spani and a Fielding Institute research team of 20 people to Mizoram. A virtual center, Mizoram Action Research Center (MARC) was founded. Denise Segor, one of the team members, returned to Mizoram to continue her research. She has just completed (2006) her Ph. D. dissertation. Dr. MaryBeth Haines, another team member, donated money for swing sets for Mizo children.

    2000. Ngeni Mualchin started Jail ministry in Mizoram and continued involvement in the same ministry in USA. Ms. Sangpari Mualchin coordinated Mizoram Jail ministry activities in 2005.

    2001. An Indian artist was sponsored to visit USA to sketch pictures of scenes and peoples of Mizoram for use in the planned book, Illustrated Book of Mizoram. Colorful pictures were made but work on the book is delayed due to lack of workers.

    2001. MCGN conducted a Mizo Leadership Training (MLT) in California, made possible by generous help from Pastor Bruce Moore of Liberty Christian Center (LCC), Fairfield, the volunteer speakers (Harold Kurtz, Frank Dietz, MaryBeth Haines, Lanny Langston, Tim Lafever, Brian Long), and churches (Liberty Christian Center and Church of the Foothills, Cameron Park). MLT group members were hosted for one week by families from LCC. Mizo team learned a lot about Amerian family life. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class was in progress at that time and Bruce Logan, founder of Harvest Ministry, allowed Mizo team to attend the classes for free. Nanci Glogauer, Executive Director of Parasol Foundation, Incline Village, Nevada presented to Mizo team how Parasol functions and invited them for a lunch at Lake Tahoe.

    2001. Juliet Florio Memorial Scholarship started for high school students with initial contributions from Juliet's parents and additional gifts from others.

    2002. Mizo electronic Bible (e-Bible) work begins and is completed for production in 2006. The project was motivated by an electronic copy of the book of John in Mizo sent to MCGN Hq by Robert Wood of Montana. Thanks to Bob!

    2002. Missionary book "Sensei" was translated into Mizo with a copyright permission.

    2002. Missionary Bob Harrison and Liana Mualchin conducted a leadership training for church leaders of Chhimtuipui District in southern Mizoram.

    2003. Published articles (in Mizos) by Liana are compiled and published by Mc. Awia. The book was well received by readers.

    2003. Bob Harrison, Dr. K. Neill Foster and his wife (Marilynne) visited Chhimtuipui District, southern Mizoram, for a second leadership training. Dr. P.C. Biaksiama was their guide. Later, Neill returned to Aizawl for another leadership training for selected church leaders in Aizawl, Mizoram.

    2003. A washer and dryer set were purchased for T.N.T., a large-scale orphanage ministry operated near Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram.

    2004. Liana and Ngeni Mualchin visited a Mizo missionary, Dr. Zothansiami Ralte (Tetei) in Musekee, Thailand. Liana's passport with visa was missing and the trip was not able to proceed to Burma as planned. Tetei and her hushand took good care of them. The consulates of US and India governments in Chiangmai kindly provided for Liana's urgent need so they could continue their travel to India on time.

    2004. Mizo, Hindi, and Burmese New Testaments are given to jails in Mizoram and Burma. Church of the Foothills, Cameron Park and other friends contributed to fund the Bible distribution.

    2005. A Mizo missionary working in central Asia near the western border of China was given monthly financial support.

    2005. Translation permission of "The Purpose-Driven Life" in Mizo language was granted by Zondervan. Rev. Dr. P. Lianzuala translated it with speed and is now redone by Liana and Ngeni Mualchin as required by the reviewers.

    2006. Liana did Mizo translation/interpretation for a hearing before a Maryland Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in March-June on a legal problem amongst the Mizos.

    Donations are given for orphanage, Christian boys' hostel, Peace Conference, rebuilding a burned village, Bibles for Buddhists & other jail inmates in Burma in the past years.

    1. Hydro Projects: Dr. Rochunga Pudaite, President of Bibles for the World brought the Mizoram Legislative Assembly Speaker, Pu Rokamlova to request Liana to help them introduce Hydro Projects in Mizoram. Liana found a local engineer, Mr. Joe Keating. Joe contacted his friend and US-AID manager in Delhi, Mr. Ron Sommer. Liana called Mizoram Power Minister, C. L. Ruala. Pu Ruala flew to Delhi and then Ron accompanied him to Aizawl. For the start of and funding of Hydro Projects, Ron gave specific instruction. Evidently, Chief Minister of Mizoram, Pu Lalthanhawla and Pu Ruala did not follow Ron's instructions. Mizoram was not open and did not get US help. Under the circumstances, Ron had to move on and got a huge power project for a state in southern India. The American friends said that Mizoram is not ready.

    2. Ginger and Passion-fruit Juice Export to Japan: Liana met the International Marketing executive of Santory company of Japan while he was a Visiting Professor of Kyoto University. They wanted Mizoram products expecting that they will do an honest job in sending the raw materials without mixing with soil and rocks. Santory was impressed with ginger samples and passion fruit juice Liana took to Japan and wanted to work with Mizoram. Unfortunately, interested people in Mizoram could not follow instructions to start the business and did not send required samples. Japanese politely said Mizoram is not ready.

    3. Planting and Processing Konya-ku for Export to Japan: Santori was also interested to work with Mizoram in planting and eventually processing Konya-ku, a famous Japanese health food. Liana brought Konya-ku sample from Japan and it was sucessfully grown in Mizoram. Mizo people call the plant a kind of "tel-hawng" which can grow easily all over Mizoram. Again, Mizo people did not take the offer.

    4. Another Hydro Project Opportunity: A good Christian from Northern California offered a new stainless-steel penstoke for hydro-power plant in Mizoram. He was willing to pay for its cleaning and shipping it to Calcutta port. However, no one from Mizoram can give us technical specifications of the hydro plant as needed by the generous man. Again, Mizoram was not ready for this project.

    5. Radio Station: A Christian group in Canada was willing to make a suitcase-size Radio Station for Mizoram at a very low cost but they needed photos or topographic information of the land around the station for proper design of the transmitter. We also need someone to work with Government for getting a radio station license. We could not get the needed photos or information nor a person willing to work for the license from Mizo people. Thus, nothing can move forward.

    6. Information Technology Jobs for Mizoram: In 1998, John Thanglura Darlong introduced us to Lalthlamuana (Muana) and we committed to work on Information Technology with him. Muana was an IT staff with Central Govt. in Delhi. We wanted to start a software company to train unemployed Mizo engineers and get consulting work. Our motivation and desire was to find jobs for our many unemployed young people and learn business skills. We also met the owner of Olive Technology, Hyderabad and a Chinese American MBA, both fine Christians who wanted to help us. Muana was quite excited and we communicated heavily via ICQ. Our Chinese friend became suspicious of Muana and left us. We called our Mizo company, "Information Technology Consultant Services (P) Limited," or INFOTECH. It so happened at that time that Mizoram P&E and PWD were interested to use electronic payroll and billing system. Muana went to Aizawl to bid for the contracts. His TV interview in Aizawl was the last we heard of him. Later, a concerned Mizo gave me a copy of an official document showing that he got those contracts with our company, using Olive Technology as a reference and was paid a huge sum of money. During my visit to Mizoram, I voiced my concerns of Muana's character based on my personal experience to the then Chief Secretary, H. Lalringa and also to the Chief Minister. The state IT position was offered to Muana regardless. We were cheated by a Mizo who is now possibly responsible for IT matters for Mizoram.

    7. Color Offset Publishing for Jobs and Quality Publications in Mizoram: In 1999, David M. Thangliana requested us to fund the publishing of a quality newspaper. Having had his own news publication, he proposed a bigger paper with a new color offset. Our desire was to publish quality materials and to generate more jobs for Mizoram. Any potential financial profit would only further the goal. We funded and David operated with miserable failure. He ruined a brand new offset in less than a year with a great loss to us, and hardly any to him. Thus, our effort to work on publishing was another casualty with gross mismanagement and cheating by another Mizo.

    One wonders why it is so difficult to do things that are clearly needed for Mizoram as illustrated by the above opportunities and experiences. It seems that Mizos are expecting something without giving real efforts. Either they are not ready, as stated by American and Japanese friends, or immature in doing significant projects. From our experience we feel that the Mizo leaders do not impart the values of integrity, hard work and perseverance to society. On the contrary, getting easy money from government or outside sources, without any accountability, is too common for Mizos. High moral standards and honesty are badly needed to improve the society. Both church and political leaderships have the same problem in this respect. One way for healing from this problem or rather sickness is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land".

    For all the above opportunities, praise and honor belong to the Lord!

    The curent Board members are:

    President Dr. Lalliana Mualchin
    Secretary Mr. Lalchungnunga Bawitlung
    Treasurer Ms. Patricia Macy
    Board Members Ms. Jackie Rasmussen
    Ms. Zangeni Mualchin


    A hnuaiah MCGN thiltih tlangpui enlet lehna tarlan a ni a; a dangte pawh hmun tlem vangin kan tilang lova; kan Chanchinbu Newsletters ah hriatreng turin kan tarlang tawh bawk a.

    1996-ah Lian-a'n MCGN din veleh sorkarah registration a siam a, Simpson College a zirpui Cambodia mi, Pastor Joe Kong-a'n an tihdan a pe a; tuna Japan rama missionary ni mek, Pu Tom Rutherford-a'n a tanpui bawk.

    1997-ah Mizoramah MCGN din thu Liana'n a thlenin, lawmtakin mipui pungkhawm chuan an lo pawm a, tichuan phurtakin Mizoram-MCGN chu an registered nghal a ni.

    1998-ah Liana leh J.P. Ferraro-a video-a Zoram awmdan la turin, Mizoram chhim lam thlengin an kal a; LPS te'n nasa takin an lo tanpui.

    1999-ah Liana'n Canada mi Pu Stuart Spani-a leh Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara, California atanga Research ti mi 20 vel Mizoram-ah a hruai a. Chu chuan Mizoram Action Research Center (MARC) a tichhuak a. An zinga pakhat, Pi Denis Segor chuan a research tih chhunzawmin Mizoram-ah a kal leh a; tun (2006)-ah a doctorate dissertation a zo ta a lawmawm hle. MARC member pakhat Dr. Mary Beth Haines thatna vangin naupang pipu uaina te engemaw zat Zoramah pek a ni.

    2000 atangin USA-ah leh Mizoram-ah Jail ministry Ngeni'n a tan a, 2005 kum tluanin official-in Jail Ministry Aizawl-ah Sangpari Mualchin (Partei) hovin an ti.

    2001. An Indian artist was sponsored to visit USA to sketch pictures of scenes and peoples of Mizoram for use in the planned book, Illustrated Book of Mizoram. Colorful pictures were made but work on the book is delayed due to lack of workers. 2001-ah Mizoram chanchin milem nena lehkhabu a siam buatsaih nan, milem siam turin India milem siam thiam chhawr a ni. Chu lehkhabu chu siam thuai beisei a ni.

    2001 ah Mizo Leadership Training (MLT) California-ah neih a ni. Pastor Bruce Moore, Liberty Christian Center, Fairfield tanpuina leh a thlawna thusawitu tlawmngai te (Harold Kurtz, Frank Dietz, Mary Beth Haines, Lanny Langston, Tim LeFever, Pastor Brian Long) te vangin tih theih a ni. Hetih lai vek hian Perspectives on the World Christian Movement zirna pawh a awm a, an hotu Pu Bruce Logan-a'n a thlawn a zir MLT a lokalte a phal a. Pi Nanci Glogauer, Parasol Foundation hotu chuan MLT-te tangkhawma an thiltih dan entirin, Lake Tahoe-ah chaweina duhawm tak a siam sak bawk.

    2001 atangin Juliet Florio Memorial Scholarship High School zirlaite pek an ni, mi thahnem ngaite'n an tanpui.

    2002-ah Mizo electronic Bible (eBible) tan a ni a, 2006-ah peih fel a ni. Tun hma pawhin tih duh a ni a, Pu Robert Wood-a'n Johana Bu Mizo tawnga electronic copy a rawn thawn hmuh atangin e-Bible siam phurna leh hmalakna a tichhuak.

    2002-ah Japan rama Missionary Chanchin (Sensei) Mizo tawngin lehlin a ni.

    2002-ah Missionary Bob Harisson-a leh Liana'n Chhimtuipui Bial Kohhran te hnenah-ah Leadership training an pe.

    2003-ah Liana articles ziak chu Mc Awi-an a buin a chhuah, a tha hle.

    2003-ah Bob Harrison-a, Dr. K. Neill Foster leh a nupui (Marilynne) Mizoram Chhimtuipui Bial-ah an kal leh a. Neill-a hian Aizawl-ah Leadership Training a ti leh. He mi tum hian Dr. P.C. Biaksiam-a'n Aizawl atangin a hruai a ni.

    2003-ah Thutak Nunpui Tu (TNT) tan puan sukna leh tihro-na khawl lei sak a ni.

    2004-ah Thailand-a Mizo missionary, Dr. Zothansiami (Tetei) Ralte rawngbawlna Liana leh Ngenin an tlawh a. Liana passport leh Visa an thlenin pa in a bo palh vangin Burma an kal thei ta lova, Tetei-te nupa in an lo enkawl an lawm hle. Tin, US leh India Consulate, Chiangmai te'n special takin Passport leh Visa an tih hmat sak vangin a hun takah India an kal zui thei an lawm hle bawk.

    2004 atangin Mizoram Jail-ah Thuthlung Thar Mizo tawng leh Hindi tawng, a vaiin bu 1,000 aia tam pek chhuah a ni. Church of the Foothills (COTF), Cameron Park leh thian thenkhatte'n an tanpui.

    2005 atangin Asia ram lai leh China khawthlang lam ramri vela Mizo missionary thawk thlatin tanpuina pek reng a ni.

    2005-ah "Purpose Driven Life" lehlin phalna MCGN in a nei a, Rev. Dr. P. Lianzuala'n a letling. Lehlin endik (review)-tute duh dan a nih loh vangin Lianate nupa in an siam tha mek.

    2006 March-June ah Maryland-a Mizote zinga thubuai awm vangin Liana chu Maryland Administrative Law Judge hma-a an thusawi Mizo tawng a letling turin, LA Institute of Translation & Interpretation in an rawn dil a, a tihsak.

    Burma rama tanpuina thawnte: Nau Hnuchham Chawmna (Orphanage) tan, Christian Boys' Hostel sakna, Peace Conference atan, Khaw kang tanpuina, Jail-a tang te leh Buddhist te hnena Bible sem tur leina.

    Tuna Board memberte:

    President Dr. Lalliana Mualchin
    Secretary Mr. Lalchungnunga Bawitlung
    Treasurer Ms. Patricia Macy
    Board Members Ms. Jackie Rasmussen
    Ms. Zangeni Mualchin