Highlights for 2015

Mizo Christian Global Network (MCGN) has been in continuous operation by volunteers for the last nineteen years. It has no budget and no fund raising. Except for the beginning few years, the ministry has been supported mostly by American friends --- finance and prayers.

2015 has been a busy year. In every circumstances, God truly works for our good (Rom 8:28). Some highlights of MCGN in 2015 are:

  • Support of MCGN ministry by our faithful American friends. They are standing with us, doing whatever they could.
  • MCGN website has been modernized by Brother Jease Gangte, a university student in Northeast India.
  • Electronic Mizo-Lushai Bible, created by MCGN has been rechecked for typographical errors by Brother Lalnunsanga Tlau at his own initiative. We want to produce an accurate version after corrections to errors are completed.
  • Supporting some missionaries in India, Burma (Myanmar), Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, and workers for US-based mission organizations - Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ International in the United States), Act Beyond (formerly, Mission to Unreached Peoples), and Perspectives on the World Christian Movement . It is exciting to partner with these wonderful people: full support to missionaries in India and Burma and partial support to workers of mission organizations.

Two interesting points:

  1. The lady missionary working among the Muslims in Burma (Myanmar) has been used mightily by God: thousands came to know and believe in Jesus Christ through her ministry.
  2. Fifteen lessons on Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (mission course) which used to take about four months to complete, has been video-taped for mass distribution from early next year. The taping of lectures by international mission leaders has been conducted in a professional studio and editing of the videos by a film-industry professional Christian, both were done in Hollywood. We are excited and grateful to be a part of the mission videos production.

Special Notes on Members:

  • Our Board and also life member, Mildred Gordon died Sept. 3, 2015. She has been our supporter for a long time. A truly mission minded Christian with her husband Bob, who died years before her.
  • Our Board member, Patricia Macy celebrated her 90th birthday. She has always been active in ministry all her life, till today. She is our Treasurer.

Board Meeting
Annual Board Meeting was held on Dec 10, hosted by Patricia Macy. Secretary Teresa Adams could not come due to health problems.

Next Year 2016
Our 20th Anniversary is next year! We want to prepare a detailed report.

Prayer Requests

  • For Celebrating of MCGN 20th Anniversary next year.
  • That Liana finish writing a technical book for Science Publishing Company.

As we serve the Lord with what we have, He is pleased to bless and multiply it to become a blessing for many, like Jesus feeding the Five Thousand by five small loaves and two small fish contributed by a certain un-named boy in the crowd (Luke 6:5-13).

Let us continue to serve Him that we may be used for His purpose. The greatest need of a very troubled world today is people to receive Jesus Christ than anything else.

Wish you a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.

Lalliana Mualchin
President, Mizo Christian Global Network