MCGN is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization promoting spiritual renewal and economic development of the people in Mizoram and the surrounding region by serving them as Jesus did. (Mt. 20:28)
"The harvest is truly plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest." (Mt. 9:37-38)


September, 2007

This is our first updated note after our Nov 2006 email report on the 2006-2007 mission trip. So much has happened since then.

We are pleased to report that printing and binding of The Purpose Driven Life (PDL) in Mizo (Lushai) language has been completed today, Sept 21, 2007! Thanks for your prayers.

As Apostle Paul said, “We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not despair …… struck down but not destroyed,” (2 Cor. 4:8.)

We were not beaten physically, but emotionally and financially because after paying in full for printing PDL, the printer refused to do so. We had to find another printer and pay again for printing a second time. Even though we were attacked spiritually (who is not?), we pressed on doing the task at hand until the job is done. This process promoted growth in our spiritual journey. It is natural that Satan wants to discourage you when you do the right thing. We have been protected and strengthened by His Spirit.

Praise and thanks for the following
1. “Andrew” Zomuanpuia and Lalramchuanzela “Zela” Ralte took time and sacrificed their resources to take the July 2007 intensive Perspectives class in Pasadena, California.

2. Perspectives leaders in Pasadena met all the needs (fees, food and lodging) for Andrew and Zela for over a month to finish the class and its coordinator workshop. They were given plenty of opportunities to interact with others.

3. Lalchungnunga (Chungtea) provided support and encouragement to Andrew and Zela while they were in Pasadena. He has contributed a lot.

4. Newly-found friends of Andrew encouraged him with gifts to buy piglets.These piglets are specifically for generating funds to support Mizo frontier missionaries while helping poor Mizo farmers who will take care of the piglets. When sold at maturity after 8-12 months, they will be sold with half the profit to the mission fund and the other half to the farmer.

A short note on Andrew’s ministry, “Hands for Christ”. God gave him a clear vision and conviction, and so with his wife they give 50% of their monthly income to fund the ministry.


  • He has a heart for Muslims living in Mizoram and Bangladesh, and unreached peoples in Burma (Myanmar) & India.
  • He has a heart for the rural poor in Mizoram, particularly regarding unequal prices of essential comodities. They are poorer but pay more prices than the wealthy town and city people. Andrew wants to create a more equitable pricing by a establishing a rural transportation distribution system.
  • He has a heart for the needs for young people in Mizoram, especially for worship styles different from traditional style, in tune with the youths.
  • He has a burden for unity among Mizo churches for God’s global purpose.

5. The PDL translated into Mizo by Pastor P. Lianzuala that was rejected by the reviewer has been retranslated and completed in August 2007 by Liana Mualchin. It was approved for publication by Rick Warren’s office, and the printing and binding is now (Sep 21) done for release to the public.

6. Our Nov 2006-Mar 2007 visit to Mizoram for presenting an overview of Perspectives course and the completion of the July-2007 intensive Perspectives class at Pasadena by Andrew and Zela have resulted in the plan to have a one-week Perspectives Introductory class in Aizawl, Mizoram from Oct 22 to 27. Andrew is assigned to co-ordinate this premier class in Mizoram. We are expecting 2-3 speakers from USA.

Our coming trip
1. As stated above, we are going to Mizoram to hold Perspectives class in Oct 22-27. Part of the time will be for visiting inmates in jails located at Aizawl, Kolasib, Champhai, and Lunglei.

2. Before we go to Mizoram, we will visit Pokhara, Nepal to present a one-day overview of Perspectives course to missionaries, church workers, and lay people.

3. On our way home, we will have a side trip to Indian School of Mines University, Dhanbad in Jharkhand, the alma meter of Liana, where he has been invited to give lecture.

Some Mizo missionaries
We know that some Mizo missionaries in Nepal, Cambodia, China, and India have not been supported by Mizoram churches. Here, we want to highlight one couple in Nepal, Lura and Sangtei.

Some of you met them when they visited us in October 2006. If you remember, Lura sold his only motor bike for the fees, school uniforms and textbooks for their sponsored 20 Tibetan children. After this and without his bike, Lura continued to serve and visit five growing churches in and around Pokhara town. Remembering Lura’s story, one of our friends generously gave them a good amount of money. With this gift, more help from friends in USA, and their little savings, Lura bought a used Jeep. This helps him visit the growing churches and fills the need for transportation of a large family.

Prayer Requests

  • Patricia Macy faithful supporter of MCGN quick recovery from surgery.
  • For a designer of and a new host for MCGN website.
  • Purpose Driven Life be a blessing for Mizo readers.
  • A one day overview of Perspectives class in Pokhara, Nepal.
  • A one week Perspectives Introductory class in Mizoram.
  • Jail ministry in Mizoram.
  • For our children, Lisa and Tim.
  • Health and travel mercy for us (Liana and Ngeni.)

Ideas, advice and comments are always welcome